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Reddit mods are calling for an “affordable return” for third-party apps


Commit to exploring ways by which third-party applications can make an affordable return.

Commit to providing moderation tools and accessibility options (on Old Reddit, New Reddit, and mobile platforms) which match or exceed the functionality and utility of third-party applications.

Commit to prioritizing a significant reduction in spam, misinformation, bigotry, and illegal content on Reddit.

Guarantee that any future developments which may impact moderators, contributors, or stakeholders will be announced no less than one fiscal quarter before they are scheduled to go into effect.

Work together with longstanding moderators to establish a reasonable roadmap and deadline for accomplishing all of the above.

Affirm that efforts meant to keep Reddit accountable to its commitments and deadlines will hereafter not be met with insults, threats, removals, or hostility.

Publicly affirm all of the above by way of updating Reddit’s User Agreement and Reddit’s Moderator Code of Conduct to include reasonable expectations and requirements for administrators’ behavior.

Implement and fill a senior-level role (with decision-making and policy-shaping power) of “Moderator Advocate” at Reddit, with a required qualification for the position being robust experience as a volunteer Reddit moderator.


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