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Reddit is experiencing “major” outages


Reddit is experiencing some big issues at the moment. I can’t load any Reddit pages on my browsers where I’m logged into the site — usually, I run into an error message, though I’ve also hit a blank white screen. However, if I try to visit the site while logged out, pages load fine.

I’m not the only one running into problems, as a few colleagues here at The Verge are having some troubles loading pages as well. And Downdetector shows nearly 30,000 reports of issues of some kind as of this writing.

Reddit’s status page says the company is looking into it. “We are currently investigating elevated error rates across Reddit,” according to a post from 4:58PM ET. The status site also says that there is a “major outage” on desktop web, mobile web, and the company’s native mobile apps.

Reddit didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment.


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