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Priyanka Chopra reveals she wants people to know her by ‘first name’ like Rekha, Cher


Priyanka Chopras spy thriller series Citadel is set to release on April 28
Priyanka Chopra’s spy thriller series ‘Citadel’ is set to release on April 28

Priyanka Chopra says she wants everyone to know her by her first name. 

While talking to Telegraphy t2 for the promotion of upcoming series Citadel, Priyanka revealed that she enjoys being known as only Priyanka in America. She takes full advantage of it as the Americans only know her as the only Priyanka. Whereas in India, there are like six Priyanka’s sitting in one room.

When asked about having such a common name, Chopra replied: “So over the years, I have gotten used to being just PC in India. But when I go to America, I am the only one. I don’t even use my last name there anymore. I want to now become like Cher! Or Rekha! Just Priyanka! (laughs) I love it.”

She also spoke about the pay disparity exsiting in India. According to her, she was never paid the same amount of money as of her male co-stars in Bollywood. Meanwhilem she reveals that she has been paid the equal pay as of other co-actors in Citadel.

Directed by Russo brothers, Citadel features Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden in the lead roles. The series is set to stream on Amazon Prime on April 28. On the other hand, Priyanka is also going to make her comeback in Bollywood with Farhan Akhtar’s directorial film Jee Le Zaraa, reports Pinkvilla. 


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