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Priyanka Chopra on pay disparity in India: ‘I just gave up the fight’


Priyanka Chopra is all set to feature in American spy thriller series Citadel with Richard Madden
Priyanka Chopra is all set to feature in American spy thriller series ‘Citadel’ with Richard Madden

Priyaka Chopra opens up about pay disparity in Bollywood. 

PC is making headlines nowadays due to her upcoming spy-thriller American series Citadel. In one of the latest promotional spree, she revealed that this is only time she has been paid equally as the male actors in Citadel.

According to her, she used to make less money then the male co-actors when she working in India. While talking about the same with Film Companion, Priyanka shared when she was offered the role for the spy series, her agents talked her through to Amazon reagrding pay equality.

‘Okay, you can try, but it’s never going to happen’. Even I didn’t believe it. Because for so many years, I fought that fight, and I had that conversation.” Asked if she fought that fight in India as well, Priyanka said with a laugh, “Of course. I mean, I never asked for parity, are you kidding me? I only asked for a little bit more, woh bhi nahi milta tha (even that I wouldn’t get). So, I just gave up the fight”, stated Chopra.

According to pinkvilla reports, Priyanka Chopra also talked about performing stunts in Citadel. She revealed that she tried doing them differently. “I have done stunts before. In Hindi movies, I have done action. And in Quantico, I did the action – and that was three seasons, 22 episodes each season. So there were a lot of people seeing me punching people. So I really wanted myself to be elevated in this, where it feels different, it feels sophisticated, it feels in control.”


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