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Prince William reacts as man tries to ‘punch’ him


Prince William reacts as man tries to punch him

Prince William looked completely unfazed as a man tried to punch him jokingly during an interaction.

It happened when the future king participated in a walkabout during his trip to east Belfast on Tuesday.

According to, the unnamed man stood behind a metal barrier and held out his hand to Prince William.

The Prince of Wales responded by clasping his hand and moving closer to chat with him.

In the footage, other fans surrounding the duo could be seen smiling and laughing at the exchange.

Prince William reacts as man tries to punch him

According to the publication, the large turnout was unexpected as the royal’s visit to Newtownards Road in east Belfast had not been publicized.

It said that shortly after his arrival at the Skainos community centre, the word spread and people left their homes to catch a glimpse of their future king.

Monarchists believe Prince William is one of the most favorite member of the British royal family as he has always stood by his family, and tried his best to strengthen the institution of monarchy. 


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