Prince William ‘acutely aware’ of Prince Harry’s ‘emotional blackmail’

Experts warn Prince William is ‘well aware’ Prince Harry is using emotional backmail to ‘push’ him and King Charles into a corner.

This claim has been brought to light by royal commentator and expert Dan Wootton.

This has all been shared in a piece for the Daily Mail, and features detailed insight into Prince William’s rumored anger towards Prince Harry for his Coronation invite.

Mr Wootton warns, “But I believe it is Charles who must find a way to maintain the comfort and dignity of William, who has done nothing wrong and tried to put duty first in the most tortured of family situations.”

Mainly because “William managed to do just that in the days before the funeral of the late Queen, even offering an olive branch to Harry and Meghan by suggesting a joint walkabout outside Windsor Castle after hearing the Sussexes were planning to do something on their own seeming to, as ever, steal the limelight.”

“But that’s, in part, what is most frustrating for William and Kate.”

“The entire family tried so hard to include Harry and Meghan during the mourning period for the late Queen, yet it made absolutely no difference to their vile behaviour in the months that followed.”

Per Mr Wootton, “The Prince of Wales is also acutely conscious of the fact Harry has attempted to back both him and their father into a corner, in what feels like a form of emotional blackmail.”

“Only reconciliation talks, including an apology to Meghan, will even start to appease the Sussexes.”

“But even starting that conversation is virtually impossible given the trust has been shattered after the broadcast of their Netflix reality show and the publication of Spare, where deeply personal conversations were printed verbatim but out of context to further Harry and Meghan’s warped victimhood narrative.”

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