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Prince Louis is not ‘monkeying, cute front page Expert


Prince Louis is not monkeying, cute front page Expert

Prince Louis viral meme content could pose a threat to his reputation, says expert.

The youngest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, who often turns heads with each of his Royal appearances, has recently been put onto a flag at Glastonbury, prompting a cry from a Royal expert.

Daniela Elser notes why this new development will not be a good thing.

Writing for, she said: “Put that kid in public, maybe in the vicinity of a military parade or out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, and the five-year-old will guarantee Fleet Street’s photo editors a cheeky, charming shot.

“The last year has proven that Louis is a walking, monkeying, cute front page – but we have to stop.

“Oh, it’s an adorable image, and you would have to be Cruella de Ville sans Dalmatians not to be thoroughly charmed and delighted by it.

“But I actually think, looking at that Glasto flag, that we have reached a tipping point – Louis has gone from royal kidlet to pop culture caricature; from child to entertaining character.

“Except he’s a boy, not a perpetual meme.”

She explained: “We owe it to Louis to not make a joke out of him, to not render him a punchline or a cartoonish figure.

“And if we fail, 30 years from now, it will be him sitting on a couch and pouring out his hurt feelings to Oprah’s hologram.”


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