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Prince Harry’s pal to break silence on ‘poor princeling’ stuck in a row

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Omid Scobie’s bid to paint Prince Harry as a ‘poor princeling’ has experts reeling.

These claims and admissions have been brought to light by British columnist Jan Moir.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Ms Moir believes “Scobie’s book was meant to be published in August, but it was pushed back, perhaps so that titivating detail from the Coronation can be included.”

“No doubt of how poor princeling Harry was stuck in a row on the same social latitude as Siberia, peeping behind Princess Anne’s magnificent hat, adorned with its gaze-blocking red cockatoo.”

“All this makes it even more amusing that Scobie has taken it upon himself to call for more ‘thorough, spin-free, well-rounded insight and reporting’ on the Royal Family and that the King in particular should not be ‘immune from scrutiny’.”

“No arguments there, although readers will scrutinise in vain for a single critical word about the Sussexes amid the thousands Scobie has written about them, or said on TV.”

So “he should remember impartiality is a two-way street, not a fast lane to the moral high ground.”


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