Prince Harry’s anger ‘barely masked by politesse’: What did he expect?’

Prince Harry is currently being ridiculed for becoming angry after having made his “wounded inner child and familial rage Topic #1” in a memoir.

These claims have been issued by royal commentator and author Maureen Callahan in a piece for the Daily Mail.

The converastion arose in reference to Prince Harry’s ability to ‘just barely’ contain his anger over being diagnosed, in public, with a mental disorder.

At the time he even said in response, “I can see this long list of how you’ve diagnosed me. Free session. Wonderful.”

Ms Callahan found this to be “elegantly bitchy. Just perfect deadpan delivery.”

She also added, “Harry was mad — rightly so. This was a total violation of psychiatric ethics, diagnosing a stranger, a public figure at that, based on his book. Harry’s anger, barely masked by politesse — that royal training does have its advantages, it seems — was satisfying.”

“That said, what did Harry expect? This is the natural byproduct of commodifying your innermost thoughts and feelings, of making your wounded inner child and familial rage Topic #1 across all available platforms — streaming, publishing, public speaking engagements, TV interviews, and yes, online money grabs to sell more books.”

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