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Prince Harry was told to pick exit ‘option 3’ by Palace veterans


Prince Harry was told to pick exit option 3 by Palace veterans

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted to work out their difference with the royal family before exiting Britain.

During a final meeting in Sandringham, the Duke of Sussex told the Queen he would like a middle ground with his duties as a senior royal family member.

Harry begins: “Iā€™d consulted with several Palace veterans, people who knew the inner workings of the monarchy and its history and they all said Option 3 was best for all parties. Meg and I living elsewhere part of the year, continuing our work, retaining security, returning to Britain for charities, ceremonies, events.”

He continues: “Sensible solution, these Palace veterans said. And eminently doable. But the family, of course, pushed me to take Option 1. Barring that, they would only accept Option 5.”


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