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Prince Harry was ‘calmly’ asked about ‘will’ like he was ‘being asked for lunch’

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Prince Harry was calmly asked about will like he was being asked for lunch

Prince Harry is touching upon the time he was asked to update his will ahead of war.

As the Duke of Sussex set out to serve Britain in Afghanistan in 2007, Harry was asked to confirm the Palace over the details of his burial place.

Harry recalls being asked by his secretary: “Before I’d shipped out, JLP sat me down, told me I needed to update my will. My will? Really? If anything happened, he said, the Palace needed to know what I wanted to be done with my few belongings, and where I wished to be…buried. He asked so plainly, so calmly, as you’d ask somebody where they’d like to have lunch. But that was his gift.”

Harry adds: “The truth was the truth, no sense leaning away from it. I looked away. I couldn’t really think of a spot where I wanted to spend the hereafter. I couldn’t think of any spot that felt sacred, besides Althorp, maybe, and that was out of the question. So I said: Frogmore Gardens? It was beautiful, and slightly removed from things. Peaceful. JLP gave a nod. He’d see to it.”


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