Prince Harry told Queen she was ‘damaging’ family with media ‘relationship’

Prince Harry admits he was confronted by King Charles behind Meghan Markle’s back over his legal action against media giants.

In 2019, the Duke of Sussex sued various media outlets for defaming his wife Meghan Markle.

In a private meeting with Queen Elizabeth and King Charles, Harry was told to back off from his decision.

He pens: “Alone, without my staff, without Meg, I was confronted directly about my legal action. My father said it was massively damaging to the reputation of the family. How so? It makes our relationship with the media complicated. Complicated. There’s a word.”

Harry adds: “Anything you do affects the whole family. One could say the same about all your actions and decisions. They affect us as well. Like, for instance, wining and dining the same editors and journalists who’ve been attacking me and my wife… “

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