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Prince Harry to be ‘fighting for survival come November’ instead of King Charles


Prince Harry is allegedly watching the “wheels are coming off the haranguing wagon” after three years of addressing the “tyranny of privilege and tiaras.”

These claims and admissions have been brought to light by British columnist Jan Moir.

According to the Daily Mail, the converastion arose once Ms Moir addressed the need to “remember impartiality” and urged Prince Harry to realize that its “a two-way street, not a fast lane to the moral high ground.”

This is mainly because the expert fears, “the big issue is that if things carry on as they are, it isn’t going to be Charles and Co fighting for survival come November, it will be the Sussexes themselves.”

Especially since “there are unmistakeable signs that three years after they fled the tyranny of privilege and tiaras for a new life in North America, the wheels are coming off the Sussexes’ haranguing wagon.”


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