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Prince Harry talks about ‘Crown’ cost to ‘taxpayers’ in Britain


Prince Harry talks about Crown cost to taxpayers in Britain

Prince Harry talks about the dark side of monarchy.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex claims all controversy in the Institution comes due to money.

He pens: “Maybe money sits at the heart of every controversy about monarchy. Britain has long had trouble making up its mind. Many support the Crown, but many also feel anxious about the cost. That anxiety is increased by the fact that the cost is unknowable. Depends on who’s crunching the numbers.”

Harry then continues: “Does the Crown cost taxpayers? Yes. Does it also pay a fortune into government coffers? Also yes. Does the Crown generate tourism income that benefits all? Of course. Does it also rest upon lands obtained and secured when the system was unjust and wealth was generated by exploited workers and thuggery, annexation and enslaved people? Can anyone deny it?”


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