Prince Harry said he’d do ‘anything’ for Charles before marriage to Meghan Markle

Prince Harry said he’d do ‘anything’ for Charles before marriage to Meghan Markle

Prince Harry loved his family and would have done ‘anything’ for his father when he ascended to the throne.

Royal biographer Angela Levin in an interview with Sky News Australia evaluated Prince Harry’s current state is to be “very negative”

She noted that Harry is “attacking everybody, trying to get people give him money in court, accusing them of saying all sorts of things and its very, very sad.”

Over the years, Harry’s relationship with his family has deteriorated especially after he blasted his father and brother in the media, with his harshest criticism detailed in his memoir, Spare, released in January this year.

Levin suggested that Harry’s “condemnation and negativity towards his own family was brought about through his relationship with Meghan.”

She claimed Meghan even “made some of the wounds” which Harry appears to have been inflicted by.

“He wasn’t like that when he got married to her. He loved his family; he loved his father,” Levin described on the basis of her ties with the royal over the years.

“[Harry] said he would do anything for [Charles] when he was king, he wants to be there by his side. He was the most popular royal for quite sometimes more so than the late Queen Elizabeth,” opined Levin.

The expert claimed that Meghan went “on and on” about “awful” the royals were and “they didn’t pay him for every engagement.”

As a result, Levin surmised that Harry is “mentally very wobbly” because of “all these negative things which is piled up.”

And now, Meghan is just “sort of whizzing off” as she “takes what she can and leaves it behind.”

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