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Prince Harry feeling ‘free’ from King Charles’ shackles now that Meghan Markle’s there


Experts believe Prince Harry lauds Meghan Markle for ‘freeing’ him from the shackles of the monarchy

The admissions and insights have been brought to light by a close pal of Prince Harry.

The pal in question weighed in on everything during an interview with The Sunday Times.

He started everything off by lauding Meghan Markle for helping Prince Harry free himself “from the shackles of that mentality.”

They also went as far as to say, “in Meghan, he has found someone supportive of that stance and he’s emboldened by that.”

Especially since “the bigger picture is that he believes there are some very significant wrongs that need to be righted.”

For those unversed, these claims and admissions have been brought forward in the middle of Prince Harry’s court case with the British High Court over hacking allegations. 


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