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Prince Harry facing the ‘hardest days of his adult life’ without Meghan Markle


Experts believe Prince Harry and is gearing up to face one of the hardest days of his entire adult life, once his plane lands in the UK.

These claims and revelations have been issued by royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser.

She believes, “No matter why Harry and Meghan’s have made this coronation decision, that does not change the fact that he now faces having to get through what could end up being one of the hardest days of his adult life solo.”

“Aside from Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021, when Meghan was heavily pregnant with Lili, Meghan has been by Harry’s side for the other two major gatherings of Windsors post-Megxit, namely the Jubilee and Her late Majesty’s funeral last September.”

“This time though, he’s set to be a one-duke band. No man is an island, or so John Donne scribbled, but Harry could be about to come very close when he finds himself adrift in a sea of unsmiling faces.”


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