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Prince George’s favourite female cousin in Royal household revealed


Prince Georges favourite female cousin in Royal household revealed

Prince George greatly bonds with a fellow age mate in the Royal family, notes expert.

The future King of Britain is fascinated by the grand daughter of Princess Anne, Savannah Phillips.

Body language expert Judi James tells how Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eldest son brings in joy and light hearted addition to the Royal clan.

“As heir to the throne George is under the most pressure of all the Queen’s great-grandchildren to learn and perform the etiquette and protocol of public royal events and with his parents and even his sister Charlotte on hand to provide coaching and the odd nudge he is quickly growing into his role.

“There is one royal though who seems able to ensure the fun-factor is still present and that he is enjoying himself as he learns to cope.”

Savannah Phillips, 12, holds an equal liking for the young Prince.

Savannah “always looks super-popular, confident and playful.” Judi adds he has a “certain amount of hero-worship” for her.


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