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Porsche Classic Offers New Magnesium Crankcase For Old 911s


Porsche Classic makes it a lot easier to rebuild early examples of the 911 by introducing magnesium crankcases for models from 1968 to 1976. The components are true to the original parts and are available from dealers worldwide.

The advantage of magnesium is its low weight. However, the metal can be fragile resulting in cracks. Sometimes the best way to fix these old Porsches is by re-using parts from old engines because new components aren’t readily available, at least until now.

“This reissue closes another gap in our range of spare parts, making it possible to build completely new engines for most classic 911 models,” said Director of Porsche Classic Ulrike Lutz. “There’s a lot of demand from our customers for true-to-original engine components like this.”

For the Porsche experts who want more details, the magnesium crankcases are available for the 911 F and G models with 2.0-, 2.2-, 2.4-, and 2.7-liter engines.

A supplier uses CAD data to cast each crankcase. The pieces then go through a refinement process on a five-axis CNC machine using more than 50 cutting, drilling, and milling tools. For quality control, the builders use 3D measuring probes to evaluate over 1,300 dimensions.

Porsche put the magnesium crankcase through an extensive test. The process put the 2.7-liter version through multiple endurance evaluations. At the end, the team tore the engine apart and fully inspected it, including analysis from the specialists at the Porsche Development Center in Weissach.

The magnesium crankcases are available now. “As for pricing, for a product such as the crankcases we refer to the selling dealerships to confirm pricing for customers,” a spokesperson told

Porsche Classic offers more than 80,000 components for older vehicles from the brand. Some of them are updates for the models, like the Porsche Classic Communication Management Plus system available for the 2005-2008 911, 2005-2008 Boxster and Cayman, and 2003-2008 Cayenne. The tech gives these models a modern infotainment system that includes support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support.


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