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Penelope Cruz joins leading airplane company as its brand ambassador


Penelope Cruz joins leading airplane company as its brand ambassador

Emirates has made an exciting announcement, revealing that Penelope Cruz will become the airline’s new brand ambassador, commencing this summer. 

The renowned Spanish Academy Award-winning actress and philanthropist has been a frequent traveler on Emirates flights and has visited Dubai multiple times in the past.

During a captivating photo shoot conducted aboard Emirates’ iconic Airbus A380 aircraft, Cruz expressed her deep admiration for the Emirates brand. Her affinity for Emirates has grown steadily over the years, fueled by numerous memorable journeys on the airline’s flights.

Cruz eagerly stated, “I’m thrilled to partner with Emirates after years of traveling with them on some of the most special trips in my life.”

In June, television networks worldwide will broadcast advertisements featuring Cruz, with versions available in both English and Spanish. The commercials will revolve around the theme of ‘travel is not just about the end destination; it’s also about how you get there.’

Cruz intends to showcase the luxurious amenities provided to passengers flying in Emirates’ First and Business Class. The highlights will include the A380 Onboard Lounge’s selection of beverages, the showers available on board, the top-notch in-flight entertainment system, and even the indulgence of caviar.

Moreover, Cruz aims to emphasize the spaciousness of Premium Economy seats, allowing viewers to appreciate the comfort they offer. She will interact with Emirates’ cabin crew in multiple languages, providing a glimpse of the airline’s diverse and engaging service. Notably, Emirates boasts the world’s largest in-flight TV screen, a 32-inch full HD LCD screen as part of its ICE in-flight entertainment system.


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