Park Sung Hoon from ‘The Glory’ on Netflix discusses what’s difficult about his role

He plays the character of Jeon Jae Jun

Korean actor Park Sung Hoon from The Glory on Netflix reveals what he finds most difficult about his role in an interview with Bazaar magazine. He plays the character of Jeon Jae Jun.

His character is an affluent high school bully who grows up to inherit his family’s golf course, and is also one of the show’s antagonists. When it came to filming, he revealed one of the most difficult scenes to shoot was when it was the peak of summer but the scene they had to film was set in winter.

For his character, he admitted that it’s strange for him to have to curse so much when he isn’t used to it outside of filming: “I think it was pretty hard when I had to cuss when I’m not used to it.”

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