Pankaj Tripathi plans to take break towards end of year

Pankaj Tripathi has reached to a saturation point in his career 

Pankaj Tripathi is one of the most established actors of B-town. He has a packed schedule when it comes to work for last some years and actor has opened up about his fear of getting over-exposed.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, he said, “When it comes to the fear of getting repetitive, that is not there. Luckily, I am getting to do very different projects, and the scripts coming my way are very different. The audience will see me in a new light with each project. So, I am scared of repeating myself.”

He further added, “But yes, the fear of getting over exposed is something which bothers me. I also feel the quantity of projects that I am associated with is big, and it does come with its share of load, which is big.”

He concluded, “This year, towards the end, I plan to take a break of almost three months. To escape that fear, I have become very selective in picking projects, but even after being very selective while choosing my projects, I feel there is a big load. So, after this year, I will take on fewer projects and do work at my own pace.”

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