Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise’s son Connor tries to impress his parents with new post

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s son Connor has shared a picture of himself to seemingly impress his parents.

Former celebrity couple’s son, 28, took to his Instagram Stories to share a rare photo from vocation as he partook in one of his favorite activities golf.

Entrepreneur and fishing expert, in the picture, is seen hitting up the green with a powerful drive, surrounded by tall buildings while seemingly on vacation at the Bosque Real Country Club near Mexico City.

Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruises son Connor tries to impress his parents with new post

Cruise and Kidman’s son was dressed appropriately for a warm day on the tee in a light blue T-shirt with a pair of white shorts, matching sneakers, and a baseball cap.

Connor and Bella are the adopted children of Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Connor was born in 1995 and Bella in 1992. Cruise and Kidman adopted both children during their marriage.

He lives in Florida, where he even launched his own barbecuing business, Connor’s Meat Shack, and appears to have some pretty impressive cooking skills.

He is also an avid deep sea fisher, having frequently shared footage of his exploits in the water and learning to live off the earth. His sister, who goes by “Bella Kidman Cruise,” is an artist and graphic designer whose work has been displayed in galleries and exhibitions, mostly involved with merchandising.

Connor does occasionally show support for his adoptive parents, specifically dad Cruise as he tours the world in support of the upcoming Mission Impossible movie.

He once tried his hand at acting like his parents, however, boasting minor credits in the 2008 film Seven Pounds and the 2012 film Red Dawn.

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