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Netflix is adding Monument Valley next year as part of its continued gaming push


In 2024, Netflix will be adding two of the most revered mobile titles of all time to its fledgling gaming service. The company announced that both Monument Valley and its sequel will be available to Netflix subscribers starting in 2024.

It’s a big get, as both games were huge mobile hits on release and are currently available as part of Apple’s Arcade subscription service as well. (It’s not clear yet if the games will be available on both subscriptions simultaneously next year.)

The announcement was made as part of a bigger reveal of upcoming titles from Netflix. On April 18th, Ubisoft will be releasing its second game on the service, a roguelite called Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, while Super Evil Megacorp — the studio behind mobile multiplayer titles like Vainglory — is working on a game tied to an upcoming, unannounced Netflix project. The latter is described as “still very early in development,” with more information expected later in the year.

Netflix says that it has released 55 games on the service since it launched in 2021 — including some notable gets like the mobile versions of Into the Breach and Spiritfarer — with another 40 due to launch sometime in 2023. The company says that a further 70 are in some stage of development. Netflix hasn’t released any numbers in terms of how many people are playing these games, but early reports suggest it’s not a lot. Netflix says that one of the most popular games so far is Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game, based on the reality dating show.

The announcement also called out one game subscribers can play now (besides an ad-free version of Tomb Raider Reloaded), the post-apocalyptic turn-based strategy adventure game Highwater, and Terra Nil, a “reverse city-builder” that will be available on March 28th.


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