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Nanoleaf’s new smart lights jazz up your evening entertainment


Nanoleaf has unveiled a batch of new, addressable smart lighting and gaming products designed to jazz up your home entertainment experience, including an integration with Overwolf gaming software, the 4D Screen Mirror & Lightstrip Kit, and an expansion to the Ultra Black line of lighting panels. Nanoleaf Shapes Ultra Black Hexagons were announced during the company’s annual Nanoleaf Live event on Tuesday and are available to preorder today from the Nanoleaf webstore.

A nine-piece Smarter Kit is priced at $219.99, while a three-pack expansion is available for $69.99. As the name suggests, these are effectively an all-black version of the company’s iconic interconnecting hexagonal LED panels (albeit slightly dimmer if previous Ultra Black releases are anything to go by). They can be linked in a variety of ways to create your own designs and lighting animations, and they’re also compatible with Nanoleaf Triangles if hexagons alone don’t meet your creative requirements. Preorders for the Nanoleaf Shapes Ultra Black Hexagons will begin shipping in late July.

The Nanoleaf 4D system uses a camera to capture what’s being played on the TV screen, which syncs with a series of RGB light strips to mirror what colors are being displayed. The system includes a magnetic privacy cover for the camera, and Nanoleaf claims that it’s solely used for color detection — nothing it captures is ever saved, stored, or otherwise recorded. With Nanoleaf’s Sync Plus tech the screen mirroring can also extend to any Nanoleaf RGB lights you have, including the new Shapes.

The kit is available in two lengths: a 65-inch version for $99.99 and an 85-inch version for $119.99. The light strips within the kits can be cut to fit TVs up to 85 inches, and the products should start shipping to customers by mid-July.

The camera needs to be mounted atop your TV, which might be too distracting for folks who like a clean setup.
Image: Nanoleaf

Both the Nanoleaf 4D and Ultra Black Hexagon products are compatible with all major smart home platforms alongside IFTTT and Razer Chroma and will receive an over-the-air update later this year to add support for Matter. The new Ultra Black Hexagons also act as a Thread border router for your smart home, as with Nanoleaf’s other Shapes products.

A new Nanoleaf integration is available for Overwolf, a gaming software platform that provides additional features and extensions to supported video games. The new integration allows users to set lighting animations that will react to gameplay across titles like Apex Legends and Dota 2, such as flashing orange when the player dies in-game. Users can connect the two systems through the Nanoleaf desktop app from today.

Finally, we also got another sneak peek at the upcoming Nanoleaf Skylight during the event presentation, though there’s still no information available regarding the product’s price or release date.


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