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Mercedes-Maybach rolls out new S, GLS and EQS SUV Night Series – Autoblog


Mercedes-Maybach is embracing a new look for what it hopes will be a new generation of buyers — one keen to embrace its new electrified luxury models. The new Night Series will be offered on all three models in the current Maybach lineup, with the S-Class and EQS SUV variants arriving later this year and the GLS following in early 2024.

While the execution off each Night Series is dependent on the model in question, they share a few common elements. Their headlights, for instance, are all embellished with dark chrome Maybach logos on rose gold trim. You’ll find that dark chrome just about anywhere you’d normally spot bling, from the grille and exterior trim to the coating on the rear exhaust finishers. And then there are those wheels. I don’t know what to say, quite honestly. Just look at them. And while you’re at it, peep at the running boards on the EQS SUV. 

While the cars shown here are quite uniform, differentiation will come in the form of finish choices and further individual customization. All three are offered with the Obsidian Black/Mojave Silver two-tone combination shown here. The EQS SUV will also be available in Obsidian Black and Manufaktur Diamond White finishes, the S-Class can be done up in various grey, black and white hues, and the GLS can be had in white or Obsidian Black. 

Inside you’ll find herringbone-patterned, open-pore wood with aluminum accents along with another smattering of dark chrome. The EQS SUV and GLS can optioned with with Nappa leather in two-tone Crystal White/Black Pearl or just plain Black Pearl. In the S-Class, you can do Nappa leather in either Deep White/Black Pearl or straight Black Pearl. 

Look for more on the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and EQS SUV Night Series soon, with more to come on the GLS variant as its arrival draws closer. 

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