Meghan wants to compete with Jessica Alba and Gwneth Paltrow with blog relaunch?

Meghan Markle is set to relaunch her lifestyle blog ‘The Tig’ after a six-year hiatus, according to The Mirror.

Commenting on the report, writer and broadcaster Esther Krakue told Sky Australia, “She’s set to launch this lifestyle blog and to compete with the likes of Jessica Alba and Gwneth Paltrow. It’s very weird because she’s not a legitimate businesswoman in any regard really, she’s spent a significant part of her adult life as an actress, so its going to be very interesting to see what she’s going to do with this.”

She said, “Opening a lifestyle blog is not exactly the pinnacle of progressive work, but they are looking for a legitimate cause because they realise that now everything that they do will be linked to the royal family and the fact that they’ve spent the last two years whinging about them.”

The Duchess of Sussex is hardly praised by the British media or royal fans after she and Prince Harry stepped down as working royals and moved to California.

The couple recently made headlines when they appeared in a Netflix documentary and a month later the Duke of Sussex released a bombshell book titled ‘Spare’.

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