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Meghan on course to give Kate Middleton her worse nightmare?


Meghan on course to give Kate Middleton her worse nightmare?

Although Meghan and Harry did not name Kate Middleton in their criticism of the British royal family, the couple suggested in their media appearances, Netflix documentary and the Duke of Sussex’s book that Prince William and his wife played  major role in their departure from the United Kingdom.

While the royals have been unable to respond to the couple’s allegations due to their “don’t complain, don’t explain” policy, their supporters in the media have left no stone unturned to target the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

If claims made by former royal butler Paul Burrell are to be believed, Prince William, Kate Middleton and rest of the royal family are in for a shock.

In an interview, Paul Burrell said that Meghan Markle could become the “Governor of California”

According to Burrell, 65, who worked for the late Princess Diana for 10 years, said it would be wrong to underestimate the Duchess of Sussex.

Speaking about the former US actress in an interview with Slingo, he said, “Don’t underestimate Meghan, she’s ambitious.”

He added, “And what if she became Governor of California and lords it over Hollywood.”

Asked whether Meghan and Harry could become a “power couple”, Burrell said, “It’s not so far-fetched because they have to keep going on, they have to keep reinventing themselves because if they don’t, that brand is going to disappear, the Sussex brand will disappear.”

The former butler then mentioned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who has served as governorship.

Sharing advice for Harry and Meghan, he asked them to consider going to “do some public service”, emphasising that “it’s time”.

Meghan and Harry are settled in California stepping down as working members of the British royal family in January 2020. 


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