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Meghan Markle was ‘blamed’ for ‘fake stories’ about royal staff

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Meghan Markle was blamed for fake stories about royal staff
Meghan Markle was ‘blamed’ for ‘fake stories’ about royal staff

Meghan Markle came under fire due to her alleged conduct with the royal staff members.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals how his wife was accused by Prince William of making the aides ‘weep.’

Prince Harry pens: “More than once a staff member slumped across their desk and wept. For all this, every bit of it, Willy blamed one person. Meg. He told me so several times, and he got cross when I told him he was out of line. He was just repeating the press narrative, spouting fake stories he’d read or been told.”

He continued: “The great irony, I told him, was that the real villains were the people he’d imported into the office, people from government, who didn’t seem impervious to this kind of strife—but addicted to it.”


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