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Meghan Markle told Prince Harry he’s ‘not a Spare’ at Lilibet’s birth


Prince Harry has managed to make a whole book out of the age-old adage of being the ‘spare’, and revealed that it was his wife Meghan Markle who made him realise he was not one at the birth of their second child, daughter Lilibet.

Writing about Lilibet’s emotional birth in his explosive memoir, titled Spare, Prince Harry revealed how he pulled the little one ‘from that world into this’, a move that made Meghan realise just how much of a man her husband was in that moment.

Prince Harry shared how after Lilibet’s birth, Meghan “confessed she’d never been more in love with him than in that moment.”

Meghan then showed Harry the words she’d written about the special moment shared between them in a journal, with Harry recalling in his book: “I read them as a love poem.”

“I read them as a testament, a renewal of our vows. I read them as a citation, a remembrance, a proclamation. I read them as a decree. She said: That was everything. She said: That is a man. My love. She said: That is not a Spare,” Prince Harry shared. 


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