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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry have ‘set fire’ to their unique selling point

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Experts believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can no longer deliver everything they promised.

These claims and insights have been shared by the butler that served Princess Diana, Paul Burell.

He broke it all down during a candid, one-on-one, interview with Slingo.

There, Mr Burell claimed, “Obviously, Spotify was a money-making exercise as much as Netflix was and I think Harry and Meghan misunderstood what was expected of them. Of course, both Spotify and Netflix wanted royal content … Both Netflix and Spotify signed up for that content, for their story, for their experience with the royal family and sadly, I think it’s been a shortcoming.”

“How long will it be before Netflix realizes, well, this couple [hasn’t] really got much to say. And I think it’s very sad, apart from royal news, which is their only USP and they’ve fallen short of everything that was expected of them.”


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