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Meghan Markle ‘not brave enough’ to join Prince Harry at King Charles Coronation


Meghan Markle not brave enough to join Prince Harry at King Charles Coronation

Meghan Markle will reportedly not accompany to her husband Prince Harry to the UK for King Charles III’s coronation as the Duchess is not ‘brave enough’ to be there after, a royal insider has claimed.

Palace insider Paul Burrell, according to The Mirror, has claimed that the Duke of Sussex will attend the Coronation alone as Meghan isn’t “brave or strong enough to be there”.

The 64-year-old said the King has “retained the moral high ground” by inviting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and added that “the ball is well and truly in Harry and Meghan’s court”.

“It’s likely to be incredibly uncomfortable for them if they attend, particularly Meghan.”

The insider aske: “Are they prepared to face the music?”

He continued: “I don’t think Meghan’s brave or strong enough to be there – she’d have to look in the eyes of a family she’s pushed under the bus. But I think Harry may come alone and she’s probably told him she won’t be able to be by his side with him if he does attend.”

It will also be difficult for Harry to see Queen Consort Camilla at the Coronation as she will be “where his mother could have been”, according to Burrell.

Harry and Meghan have not confirmed yet whether they will attend the landmark ceremony of the King Charles on May 6 on not, but Paul claimed it will be “incredibly uncomfortable” for the California-based couple to reunite with the royal family if they decide to go.


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