Meghan Markle doing ‘positive things’ while Prince Harry is in ‘negative state’

Meghan Markle doing ‘positive things’ while Prince Harry is in ‘negative state’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to be heading in the opposite directions raising concerns about the future of their marriage.

Royal biographer Angela Levin believes that Meghan will “sort of walk away” from Harry as their marriage is “very nearly finished.”

In an interview with Sky News Australia, Levin noted that Meghan is “never there for Harry when he needed her the most.”

The royal expert found the new development ‘very interesting’ because initially Meghan would always be “hanging onto him” by holding his one hand and with the other his arm so “he could not move more than a few inches away from her.”

But now, Levin noted that Meghan “doesn’t go where he goes, so they have sort of separated.”

Levin also noted the contrast in their progress reflected in their current activities. She opined that Meghan is doing “very positive things, where as Harry is in a “negative state.”

“She is doing something very. Positive. She has got a new PR person, she goes around in a gold dress and she’s hoping to do The Tig [her lifestyle blog] again,” Levin pointed out.

While Meghan is doing all that, Harry “is in the past.” Levin described that Harry “is in a very negative state” as he is “attacking everybody, trying to get people give him money in court, accusing them of saying all sorts of things and its very, very sad.”

She added, “I’ve spent a lot of time with him and I really liked him. Now, he’s sort of being in an awful state.

The expert said that she felt sorry for him because Meghan “doesn’t want to go into anything negative with him.”

She noted Meghan did not promote his memoir, Spare, “which was difficult for him.” Moreover, she didn’t attend the Coronation which was “very embarrassing” for him.

“He walked down the aisle in Westminster Abbey and he didn’t have a partner and it must feel very awkward.”

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