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Marvel’s ‘Spider-Boy’ lands first independent series


Marvels Spider-Boy lands first independent series
Marvel’s ‘Spider-Boy’ lands first independent series

Spider-Boy, a popular character from the SPIDER-MAN series by Dan Slott and Mark Bagley, is set to star in his own ongoing comic series starting in November. 

Despite Peter Parker’s lack of acknowledgment, Spider-Boy has gained a devoted fan following. The eagerly anticipated solo series, titled SPIDER-BOY, will be led by co-creator Dan Slott, featuring artwork by acclaimed artist Paco Medina and captivating covers by co-creator Humberto Ramos.

Building on the events of the previous SPIDER-MAN series, the upcoming comic will delve into Spider-Boy’s mysterious past, introducing his arch-nemesis and further exploring his connections to the Spider-Man mythos. Readers will be taken on an exhilarating journey as Spider-Boy fights to reclaim his destiny and solidify his place among Marvel’s esteemed heroes.

The debut issue of SPIDER-BOY will feature two thrilling tales, with Spider-Boy teaming up with Squirrel Girl in one adventure and confronting the nefarious Madame Monstrosity, the scientist responsible for his monstrous transformation, in another.

Promising to defy conventions, the series will deliver wild and unpredictable stories within the Spider-Man universe.

Dan Slott expressed his excitement for the project, emphasizing the unconventional nature of Spider-Man having a sidekick and teasing the outlandish adventures in store for readers. Artist Paco Medina shared his enthusiasm, highlighting the character’s visually unique potential and his collaborative synergy with Dan Slott.


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