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Marvel actor’s first reaction on Jonathan Majors trial out


So far, MCU remained tight-lipped on Jonathan Majorss controversy
So far, MCU remained tight-lipped on Jonathan Majors’s controversy

Anthony Mackie is making his views public on Marvel’s new mighty villain, Jonathan Majors ongoing assault case.

During an interview with Inverse, the MCU actor became the first from the superhero franchise to weigh in on the the 33-year-old’s legal issues.

“The U.S. is a country that was built on ‘everyone is innocent until proven guilty,'” apparently suggesting the star is yet to prove guilt on his alleged crime.

“That’s one of the staples of this country. Nothing has been proven about this dude. Nothing.

So everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That’s all I can say. It’s crazy where we are as a society. But as a country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty,” Mackie noted.

Meanwhile, Majors’ domestic violence trial will commence on Aug. 3 as the actor will battle his career on the dais of the court.

The Hollywood star faced serious allegations from the accuser of finger pulling, arm twisting, cutting her ear, and roughly pushing into a vehicle, which caused her minor injuries in their alleged confrontation in New York City in March, which caught media attention.

After facing domestic violence accusations, Disney also moved Majors’ upcoming Marvel film Avengers: Kang Dynasty from May 2025 to May 2026.


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