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Lucid is dropping prices on three Air EVs ‘while supplies last’

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Lucid Motors has announced it is reinstating “original pricing across the full air lineup,” dropping the price of two of its vehicles below $100,000, according to a press release the company shared with The Verge. The new base prices, “while supplies last,” will be $125,600 for the Air Grand Touring (down from $154,000), $95,000 for the Air Touring (down from $107,400), and $82,400 for the Air Pure (down from $87,400).

Those aren’t quite the old prices for all three, as the Lucid Air was $77,400 previously and the Lucid Air Grand Touring was originally more expensive $139,000, but it’s still a significant discount on the luxury EV maker’s vehicles. Lucid Motors also tweeted the new prices, but didn’t call out that they were lowered, instead focusing on its new leasing terms, which it says are good through the end of August:


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