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Leonardo DiCaprio’s romance rumours with Eden Polani squashed


Leonardo DiCaprios romance rumours with Eden Polani squashed
Leonardo DiCaprio’s romance rumours with Eden Polani squashed

The Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio and Eden Polani are not dating each other after sparking fans reaction on Twitter. 

DiCaprio, who recently sparked romance rumors after being photographed sitting next to model Eden Polani at an album release party, is not reportedly dating the model 19.

A source told PEOPLE on Tuesday, “Leo and Eden just so happened to have been seated next to each other at the party, and were hanging in the same group… Just because Leo might be talking to or sitting with a girl doesn’t mean he’s dating her.”

The shared photo fueled the Twitter frenzy, with users calling out DiCaprio for his pattern of dating younger women.

“Leonardo DiCaprio (almost 50 years old) is hanging out with a 19 year old girl who was a child just a few years who, and wasn’t even born when the film Titanic came out, smh,” wrote a user.

“So, Leonardo DiCaprio is nearly 50 and dating somebody who went to prom on Zoom,” another tweeted.

Another user compared DiCaprio to comedian Dane Cook, 50, who is engaged to Kelsi Tayor, 24.

While another commented on DiCaprio’s overall history.

“Leonardo DiCaprio is a weirdo,” he wrote . “As someone who works with college students, and has worked with seniors in high school, he is a weirdo. Legally adults? Yes. Is he doing anything illegal? No. Is he a weirdo? Yes.”

The Inception star is famous for his preference to date younger women and seemingly tends to snaps out of the relationship once they turn 25.

DiCaprio was most recently linked to 23-year-old Victoria Lamas, daughter of Falcon Crest star Lorenzo Lamas.

Lamas’ father at that time confirmed to The New York Post that his daughter was very “smitten” with the Oscar-winning actor, but later said, “They’re friends, they’re not in a serious relationship.”

Before the Lamas rumor, DiCaprio was officially dating model and actress Camila Morrone. 

The pair broke up in August 2022 after four years together, when Morrone was 25.

Morrone commented on the age gap between her and DiCaprio in a 2019 interview in The Los Angeles Times. 


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