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King Charles, who asked Archbishop of Canterbury to broker a deal, gets what he wanted


King Charles, who asked Archbishop of Canterbury to broker a deal, gets what he wanted

The British media and pro-monarchy royal commentators have come up with many theories on what led Meghan Markle to skip the coronation and let Harry attend the ceremony where his father is to be crowned on May 6.

A report claimed that Meghan Markle was upset about Archie and Lilibet’s exclusion from the coronation procession.

Citing insiders, the report said that the signs were there for Meghan to skip the historic ceremony after she was entirely absent from her husband’s book tour.

Another report said that the couple also wanted to appear on the palace balcony after the coronation, a demand that was rejected.

Moreover, several experts claimed that the couple was obsessed with sitting arrangement at the ceremony.

A prominent royal commentator accused Meghan of throwing Harry to the wolves by sending him alone to the UK.

The British media and the experts did not consider the fact that it was King Charles who was desperate to invite Harry to the coronation.

According to the same media, the monarch has requested Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to broker a deal between Harry and William to attend the coronation because the Prince of Wales was opposing the idea of inviting his younger brother.

He did not want the media to malign the royal family after what Harry said in his tell-all book ‘Spare’.

While William thought Harry might steal the limelight, the King was of the view that the absence of the Duke of Sussex from the coronation would be more problematic than his presence.

Be deciding to attend the coronation, which takes place on the birthday of his son, and leaving his family in the US, Harry might have done a favour to his father.


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