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King Charles ‘hummed’ as Meghan Markle spoke about suing press


King Charles hummed as Meghan Markle spoke about suing press

King Charles and Prince William were not in favour of Meghan Markle suing media over false letter.  

The Duchess of Sussex was told there was no use in retaliating after the outlet exposed her cries to dad.

Harry pens: “Meg wanted to sue. Me too. Rather, we both felt we had no choice. If we didn’t sue over this, we said, what kind of signal would that be sending? To the press? To the world? So we conferred again with the Palace lawyer. We were given a runaround. I reached out to Pa and Willy.”

He added: “They’d both sued the press in the past over invasions and lies. Pa sued over so-called Black Spider Letters, his memos to government officials. Willy sued over topless photos of Kate. But both vehemently opposed the idea of Meg and me taking any legal action. Why? I asked. They hummed and hahed. The only answer I could get out of them was that it simply wasn’t advisable. The done thing, etc. I told Meg: You’d think we were suing a dear friend of theirs.”


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