King Charles’ attempt to reconcile could become ‘fodder for future bestseller’

King Charles was reportedly happy to see his son Prince Harry attend his Coronation last month, but reconciliation is still not on the cards right now. 

According to royal expert Daniela Elser, if anyone is “optimistically clutching onto hope” that the father and son may reunite, she cited The Telegraph’s Camilla Tominey, ‘royal relations remain at an all-time low.’

In her comment piece for, Elser evaluated the reason why the chances of the two royals burying of the hatchet may seem bleak after Harry blasted Camilla in Spare.

“Even if Charles was in a mind to overlook the grievous slight that Harry had done to his darling wife’s reputation by casting her as Snow White’s evil queen sans apple, there is another key factor preventing His Majesty or anyone with an HRH picking up the phone with the Sussexes,” she shared.

“It could all end up as fodder for a future bestseller,” claimed the expert.

Previously, an insider told the Telegraph that “there’s not a lot of trust left to allow the family to maintain a good and open relationship.” The source added, “How do you speak openly without it ending up in volume two?”

Moreover, per ITV News, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are finally packed up and moved out of Frogmore Cottage — three months after King Charles III evicted them from the property.

Of the news, Elser stated, “With the Sussexes nearly reduced to having to host their next royal broadside on Instagram Live, their stockpile of tales of palace woe surely exhausted, then the threat they pose to the stability of the monarchy now seems to be somewhat defanged.”

She surmised that the Buckingham Palace, “by the sound of it, is essentially moving on.”

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