Kelly Clarkson sets the record straight on the controversy surrounding Since U Been Gone

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday, Kelly Clarkson addressed the long-standing controversy surrounding the production of the popular 2004 pop hit Since U Been Gone.

In his 2013 memoir, record producer Clive Davis claimed that Clarkson despised the song alleging that they had a “very tough conversation” and that she “burst into hysterical sobbing”. Back then, Clarkson promptly fired back at Davis on WhoSay stating, “I refuse to be bullied, and I just have to clear up his memory lapses and misinformation.”

When a fan inquired about the incident during Tuesday’s show, the 41-year-old singer initially laughed it off exclaiming, “Wait, he has a memoir with stories about me? Are you serious? Well they’re talking about me, OK.”

Clarkson then proceeded to provide some context regarding the infamous song. “Let’s give some backstory, Davis,” she began. “I was lied to, and they told me, ‘Hey there’s these producers and they want to work with you. And there’s this song,’ and it had dummy lyrics.”

“I was told to write to the song,” Clarkson continued, “Flew me to Sweden, I get there and these two people, [Dr.] Luke and Max [Martin], were not told that I was writing to it, and just already had it written.”

According to Clarkson, this was the root cause of her distress over the song. “I look like a fool, because I walk in and the label had told me something completely different. That’s a red flag, too. Why lie to me like that?”

“I don’t like the lying,” Clarkson concluded, “So that’s why I have a bad vibe with that song.”

Since U Been Gone continues to hold a pivotal place in Clarkson’s illustrious musical journey.

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