Katharine McPhee reveals she accidentally cooked her son’s iPad in her oven

Katharine McPhee has revealed that she accidentally baked her two-year-old son’s iPad in her oven.

The singer, 39, took to her Instagram Story on 2 October to share a video of the hilarious moment she realised the Apple device was still inside the oven. “Just over here cooking iPads,” she quipped in the text over the footage. “I tried to hide it and forgot it was in the oven while heating up the oven for my chicken special.”

At the start of the video, McPhee could be seen with a shocked look on her face as she looked at her open oven. In the background, one of her friends could be heard questioning the musician about the incident.

“Katherine, I thought something smelled funny,” McPhee’s pal said. “Why the hell is the iPad in the oven?”

The former American Idol contestant shared her explanation, noting that her son Rennie – who she shares with husband David Foster – “kept asking for” the iPad, which is what encouraged her to put it in the oven.

While her family and friends proceeded to laugh in the background of the video, McPhee could be seen putting on a pair of oven mitts before taking the iPad out of the oven. “Oh my god, it smells really bad,” she added.

Throughout the video, McPhee’s son could be heard asking his mother for her attention. “Poor Rennie saying, ‘Help Me, mommy,’” the singer quipped, along with a crying laughing emoji.

In 2021, Foster and McPhee welcomed their first child, Rennie, three years after making their official debut as a couple. Foster is also the father to five daughters – Alison, 53, Amy, 50, Sara, 42, Erin, 41, and Jordan, 37 – all from previous relationships.

In August, McPhee and her husband made headlines when she posted a statement to Instagram announcing that she was missing the rest of her husband’s tour in Asia, where she’d been performing as a guest, due to a family emergency.

“Dearest Jakarta fans, it’s with heavy heart I announce I have to miss our final two shows of our Asian run,” she wrote. “David and I have had a horrible tragedy in our family and at least one of us needs to get back home to our family. Please know how sorry I am and how much I wish to return someday and perform for you all. Love, Katharine.”

Days later, it was reported that the couple’s family emergency was the tragic death of their son’s nanny, Yadira Calito. On 15 August, TMZ was the first to report that Calito was killed when an 84-year-old woman behind the wheel of a Toyota RAV4 crashed into the reception area of Hamer Toyota in Los Angeles.

The news came days after the Los Angeles Police Department issued a statement about the incident, noting that the “driver accelerated for unknown reasons and collided with several people who were inside” the car dealership. The 55-year-old nanny had “sustained fatal injuries” during the collision, before she “was pronounced deceased at the hospital”.

Investigators also noted that the driver, who is from Mission Hills, had taken her car into the dealership for service and accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes. No arrests have been made following the incident.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier this month, McPhee and Foster broke their silence about Calito’s death. When the interviewer expressed his condolences to the couple, Foster noted that “it’s been tough” for McPhee, as she nodded her head in agreement.

“Yeah, it’s been tough. She’s managing,” Foster continued, before his wife added: “Thank you.”

Foster is set to return to his tour in Michigan on 1 November, according to his official website. In addition to touring again, Foster and his wife will also be releasing a new album on 20 October in honour of the holiday season, titled Christmas Songs.

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