Kate Winslet remembers being horrified by press ‘body-shaming’

Kate Winslet remembers being horrified by press ‘body-shaming’ 

Kate Winslet revealed she was gutted after being targeted for body-shaming following Titanic’s global success.

Speaking to British Vogue about the hate about her body from the media, the actor said, “I’m not going to lie, I’ve absolutely learned how to look after myself the hard way.

“What I really remember vividly is that when I did Titanic and was so thrust into the public eye, I was shocked and horrified by how vilified I was by mainstream media.”

“I think that doesn’t happen now,” the Reader star said.

“Sure, that stuff happens on social media, amongst people and the public sharing opinions – some people just have nasty shit to say.

However, she rued, “But mainstream media behaving in these really irresponsible damaging ways – I do think that has actually stopped.”

Previously the 47-year-old also took a shot at social media hate in her BAFTA award acceptance speech, which she won for her I Am Ruth performance.

“The people in power to criminalize harmful content, she continued. “We don’t want it, and we want our children back. We don’t want to lie awake terrified for our children’s mental health. To any young people who are listening, please ask for help, there is no shame in admitting you need support, just ask for it.”

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