K-pop group New Jeans’ Hyein gets to interact with her idols BTS

They took part in the On The Street challenge

Hyein from the K-pop group New Jeans got a chance to interact with BTS member J-Hope. Two of the group’s members Minji and Hyein were seen participating in the On The Street challenge with J-Hope himself.

Hyein has been a long term fan of BTS, with the young idol giving a tour of her room which showed BTS merchandise in every corner, from season’s greetings to posters and albums. She also covered their song Dynamite and posted a video where she can be seen covering their song Permission to Dance.

Due to her dedication to the group, fans were elated when she debuted in New Jeans who are under HYBE Entertainment, the same agency as BTS. J-Hope is currently doing promotions for his new song On The Street, which is a collaboration with American rapper J. Cole.

He took part in the challenge with his fellow bandmates Jimin and Suga followed by his two young label mates, Minji and Hyein.

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