K-pop group CLC’s Yeeun talks about her solo debut

The singer was asked about her incredible stage presence 

Yeeun from the K-pop group CLC sat down for an interview with Dazed Korea where she discussed her solo debut and her stage presence. She participated in the magazine’s 2023 special edition issue.

The singer was asked about her incredible stage presence and how she has consistently given stunning performances since debuting eight years ago: “I think half of it comes from my genes—I don’t get shy or embarrassed easily on stage—and the other half comes from the courage I’ve developed through practice over the years.”

She also spoke about her making her solo debut with the track Strange Way To Love for which she co-wrote the lyrics: “I wrote down some of the emotions I wanted to convey to my beloved fans.”

Besides the interview, the singer looked stunning in the bold new looks which were combined with a colourful twist. 

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