K-pop band TXT claim band member Huening Kai can’t perform this song

They quickly agreed that no part of the song would fit the young performer

K-pop band TXT held a live broadcast where they asked fans which songs would or wouldn’t fit the band members. Their agency mates and senior group Seventeen have done segments in the past where they cover songs that don’t suit them.

After Soobin brought up the question, viewers started flooding the comments with suggestions of song covers that were ill fitting for the members. Their first suggestion was Daechwita by BTS member Suga who released it under the persona Agust D. The members eagerly agreed with the comment, unable to imagine Soobin performing the track.

Though Soobin said that Yeonjun and Kai would easily fit into any concept, a certain fan suggestion quickly broke the illusion. The track was Jay Park’s sensual song MOMMAE, which is very much at odds with the personality and appearance of the youngest member, Kai.

They quickly agreed that no part of the song, from the lyrics to the choreography, would fit the young performer. 

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