K-pop band Treasure nearly hurt during airport mobbing

The members have gotten hurt before during similar incidents 

Fans are upset after K-pop group Treasure nearly got hurt at an airport mobbing. The group have been harassed at airports several times and fans are now demanding that their agency YG Entertainment take steps to protect them.

The group have taken off with their HELLO tour in Asia, performing at a sold out show at KSPO Dome in South Korea and a Japanese Hall Tour which was attended by around 300,000 people. They also gave a successful performance at the National Taiwan Sport University.

While fans of the group did show up at the Taoyuan International Airport to welcome them, their arrival at Taiwan was fairly peaceful and without incident. However, when the group returned to Seoul at Incheon, hundreds of fans could be seen crowding around the members and pushing against them.

Fans were upset after clips of the incident were posted, as the group have had to deal with airport mobs since before their debut. They demanded that their agency provide them with better security and bodyguards. 

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