John Landis blames streaming services for Hollywood crisis

John Landis lent his voice to the growing chorus against streaming services

John Landis has railed against the streaming services and holds them responsible for the Hollywood decline.

Speaking to Deadline, the veteran filmmaker said the film industry is “in chaos” as the WGA strike picked pace and the pandemic impact still not weaned off from the theaters.

“Do you know it’s the first time in Hollywood history that the Directors Guild, the Writers Guild, and the IA are all united?” the 72-year-old added.

“The film industry is in chaos and I hope the audience comes back to the theaters.”

The Animal House filmmaker said, “The sentiment really is the sorrow for the pathetic state the business is in. You know, between streaming and the pandemic, it was like a stake through the heart.

It really hurts the business and continues to do so. And there’s the strike now. The streamers really are the bad guys.”

Landis also directed his ire at the streaming platforms, which he believed, took the overall cinema experience.

“Motion pictures are meant to be seen in a large house, cinema, a big theater, on a big screen, with good sound and as many people as possible because it’s a communal experience,” the Trading Places director said.

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