Jisoo from Blackpink explains the most difficult thing about going on world tours

She showed fans a glimpse of their hectic schedule 

Jisoo from K-pop group Blackpink recently revealed the most difficult part about going on world tours in her recent Copenhagen vlog. Fans got a look at her busy schedule, as the idol flew into Copenhagen one night and performed at a concert the very next day.

Though the artist got to spend some quality time with her parents later, she explained how packed her schedule has been during the tour. She listed the things she had to do after eating, which included packing and washing up but she wasn’t sure how to fit packing her things into her schedule.

She revealed that packing is the most difficult thing for her during world tours, because she has to pack enough things for several months meaning she has around three to four pieces of luggage. Since they’re constantly traveling during this time, she has to unpack and then repack all of her stuff every time they get to a new place.

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