Jason Sudeikis spills the beans on ‘Ted Lasso’ season 3

Jason Sudeikis spills the beans on ‘Ted Lasso’ season 3

Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis opened up on the final season of the hit comedy show of Apple+.

“I mean, that’s how we went about writing it, that we wanted to close up this chapter of it.

So much changed with when you hire writers, when you cast it, just based on the elements of the day like, ‘Oh, we want this to happen, but oh, it’s raining,’ so you have to go with the flow,” the series creator told Entertainment Tonight.

“So, there’s good ways to go with the flow, and there’s adjustments. It’s all been splendid and harmonious, but the idea was to do three years. I mean, if we had the opportunity, if we were able to, never know how something’s going to be received.

This thing could have really been a sticky turd, or it could have been just what it is… The fact that we get to do it lovely.”

The 47-year-old revealed “pressure” behind writing a good Season 3 script.

“Gosh, I mean, the pressure that I know I felt was just from within, within the confines of our little circle that write the show, and make the show and then edit the show,” Sudeikis added. 

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